Sunday, April 8, 2018

Local Art Seen: Roosters and Chickens at Lakeside

The call went out for artwork featuring roosters, and 20 local artists answered the call. Who hasn't enjoyed seeing the varieties of chickens and roosters reproduced as art? Even I painted a rooster once, which I had seen tethered to a crate in a marketplace in Mexico, so I submitted it to Aaron's show at Lakeside Gallery. The opening reception Yesterday afternoon was comfortably crowded and the chatter constant as artists and friends mingled, enjoying the featured works and exploring each others' visual delights.

The barnyard theme included works by many familiar names including Adam Swanson, Sue Rauschenfels, Aaron Kloss, Don Delvin, Chris Dillon and others, as well as a notable rooster painted by the late John Peyton. The names were as fun as the images sometimes, like Sue McDonald's watercolor titled The Chicken Whisperer and Linda Naughton's Rise and Shine.

Recommended: If you are heading up to Brighton Beach, or Scenic Cafe, take a brief diversion Superior Street at 45th and drop in to Lakeside Gallery for an aesthetic lift. Then cap it off with your favorite flavor of java next door. Just sayin'.

Here are some of the pieces I saw yesterday.

Linda Naughton's collage, "Rise and Shine" 
Sue Rauschenfels' contribution.
Aaaron Kloss offered up several smaller canvases on the theme.
Reflections often prove to be a challenge for photographers, though
frequently I think they add a degree of interest. 
Here's an interesting pair of "Unusual Chickens" by Kris Trembley
"Cluck" by Chris Dillon

Don Delvin's spoof on the palace guards at Buckingham Coop.

This afternoon there will be a short film about Milton's Hell at Karpeles Manuscript Museum Library (across the street from the emergency entrance to St. Luke's). Kathryn Lenz's paintings are featured this month, a good excuse to visit if you have never been. The opening reception was Tuesday April 3, but several other events are scheduled. In addition to the video, Sam Black & Friends will be serving up Music of Rebellion and Divine Creation beginning at 3:00.

NOTE TO ARTISTS: Duluth Dylan Fest will again be featuring an art event in the Zeitgeist Atrium the week before Memorial Day. If interested and able, here is a link to the CALL FOR ART. The theme this year is Visions of Duluth, featuring the Northland inspiration that permeates Dylan's art and career.

* * * *
Meantime, art goes on all around you. Get into it.

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