Monday, January 29, 2018

Building Community: The Magnolia Salon at Oldenburg House

There's something new happening at the Oldenburg House in Carlton. It's a weekly gathering called Magnolia Salon. Magnolia Salon is an informal group of questioning individuals who come together weekly for the purpose of creating ‘inter-cultural understanding’ through discussions of ideas such as creativity, peace, freedom, justice, respect, sustainability and community development. Magnolia Salon is initially organized by Oldenburg House, Oldenburg Arts and Cultural Community (OACC), and Magnolia Café. The first season of The Salon will be held on Thursday evenings from 6-9 p.m. in the Carlton Room at Oldenburg House beginning February 1 (This Thursday) and continuing through May 31, 2018.

It's exciting to see such an intentional effort to organically build an extended sense of community, a place where people can gather to talk about things, to experience camaraderie, and the stimulating exchange of ideas, enhanced by beverages and food provided by Magnolia Café.

OACC staff and partners will organize the ‘menu of ideas.’ Oldenburg House staff will set-up the Carlton Room for each salon, provide the service staff, and secure wine and beer through its liquor catering partner. Magnolia Café staff will provide a menu of light supper offerings, coffee and tea.

FOOD AND DRINK MENU: Soup, sandwiches, cookies, scones, coffee, tea, juice, smoothies, wine, beer, soda will be available in the Kitchen. A weekly menu will be prepared and used in promoting the Salon.

SET-UP: The Carlton Room at Oldenburg House will be set up with 6-8 tables of four. The Dining Room will be set up for guests’ unstructured personal conversations. The Living Room will be set up for the ‘Menu of Ideas’ discussion, including screening videos and facilitated discussions. Guests will be able to join in the ‘Menu of Ideas’ or not as mood conduces.

MENU OF IDEAS: "Inspiring creativity in daily life’ is the theme for the first season of Magnolia Salons. The first seven sessions described below are illustrative to get us started, though not confirmed. OACC and Zeitgeist will convene a panel of curators – individuals who are considered by their peers to be both creative, inclusive and generous in their thinking - to generate the weekly menu of ideas for the Magnolia Salons. The curators will also advise OACC and Zeitgeist in developing its Ideas Festival.

Here's my makeshift snapshot of the first two evenings...

February 1: Making It Up 
This is the kick-off, the launch, the lifting of the curtain, the opening act, the introduction of the players, early dawn, part one as the wheels begin to turn. Glenn, Emily and friends are pushing their craft off away from the shore, eager to see what lies ahead. Join them in this fledgling effort to spread their wings. Meet new people, share ideas, and let's begin.

February 8: Rehearsal
It's the evening before Cookin' at the O with Glenn Swanson, Jason DeLaire and Peter Schiemke. The musicians’ rehearsal will be the focus for the Menu of Ideas.

Future guests will present ideas about creativity as a lifestyle and creative confidence. Musicians will share their special gifts as will artists. Follow Magnolia Salon here on Facebook.

in the Carlton Room
February 9 & 10
Jason Delaire will be Cookin' @ the O

Jason is a saxophonist and keyboardist, singer, songwriter and producer. Jason has toured nationally and/or recorded with renowned artists such as Donny Osmond, Michael Bolton, Prince, Alexander O’Neal, Richard Marx, Solo, Oleta Adams and Bobby Brown.
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