Sunday, January 21, 2018

Mad Magazine Takes a Poke at Dylan, and Some Additional Dylan-Related Humor

A friend from California sent me this cartoon from a 1967 Mad Magazine. Her friend Andrew from Texas had shared it with her along with a story about being in the car with his mom as a kid in the 60s and reading out loud to her from Mad Magazine. When he read Bob's name, he said "Bob Die-lan" and his mom corrected him.

Evidently when he recently found the cartoon, he passed it along. Andrew was eight at the time and apparently quite precocious. The cartoon remains as funny as ever. To quote my source, "Way to go Mad Magazine!"

Actually, I tried to find more jokes about Dylan, and to be frank most were pretty lame. Primary theme, his mumbling or not being easy to understand, which could be taken more than one way. Here are a few licks c/o JokeBlogger.

I saw Bob Dylan in concert once and I have no memory of it whatsoever. --Glen Tickle

Bonnie Tyler is gonna sing "Total Eclipse of the Heart" to an actual eclipse. Bob Dylan, please start prepping "Talkin World War III Blues." --Adam Nobler

Facebook added a bunch of new gender options. You can now select male, female, or Cate Blanchett as Bob Dylan --Loganerik

Listening to Bob Dylan's "O Come All Ye Faithful" and I would not be at all comfortable putting any money on what language he's singing in. --Amanda Flanagan

If Bob Dylan didn't introduce the Beatles to drugs, they would've just been another boy band with no substance... Get it?...No substance? :) --Adam Scott Waddle

[I thought this was pretty good.] Since everyone has a Bob Dylan impression, I'd say we're all the voice of a generation. --Jonathan Schwartz

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Meantime, life goes on...


Anonymous said...

Prophetic is more like it. Now maybe we will get that Vegas (or Branson) residency that we’ve joked about for years.

Anonymous said...

I once heard a Dylan-joke from a standup comic: "We always only heard Dylan asking the Tambourine Man to play a song. We never heard from the Tambourine Man. He would tell you that it's impossible to play a melody on a tambourine".

Ed Newman said...

thanks for the notes.
Speaking of tambourine men, I was watching a YouTube viddy last night featuring Jefferson Airplane on the Dick Cavett Show doing Somebody To Love, and the first person you see is David Crosby of CSN&Y, but instead of a guitar or bass, he is playing a tambourine.