Friday, January 12, 2018

Debbie Duncan Live at the Carlton Room, Cookin' at the O

Debbie Duncan, vocals
Next Friday and Saturday, January 19 and 20, there's a new lineup on tap in the Carlton Room, at the Oldenburg House, 604 Chestnut Avenue in Carlton. Award-winning jazz vocalist Debbie Duncan will be accompanied by Matthew Mobley on bass, Ryan Frame keyboards and the Master of Vibe Glenn Swanson on the drums.

Originally from Detroit, Debbie Duncan's Minnesota Music Awards include Best Female Jazz Vocalist, Best Jazz Vocalist, Best Female Performer, Best Jazz Group and Best Jazz CD. A nice resume by any standard. Her horizons have been expanding as she has been performing from the Dakotas to the East Coast. The intimate Carlton Room setting provides a classic opportunity to produce mesmerizing memories.

In addition to great music, culinary fare will be provided by OMC Smokehouse. Yummm.

Matthew Mobley 
A few notes on the band:
Duluth-native Matthew Mobley plays both acoustic and electric bass, adept in a variety of genres. He took up the bass in his early teens and has performed with a variety of rock groups and jazz combos, comfortable in all. He captured his BFA in Jazz Studies at UMD in 2007, has learned much from Bill Barnard and Ryan Frame, and especially enjoyed performing throughout Europe with the UMD Jazz Ensemble.
Ryan Frame, living the dream... making music as a career.
Ryan Frame is Director of Jazz Studies at UMD and a familiar name in jazz circles here in the Northland. Ryan has backed or performed with a long list of familiar names and notables.

Swanny does more than just keep rhythm
Glenn Swanson is the seemingly indefatigable lightning rod responsible for bringing all this energy to this historic house on the edge of the Jay Cooke Park wilderness. What Glenn and Emily have done with the Oldenburg House is visionary and impressive. At an early age Glenn became a leading drummer in the Twin Cities, both as a performer and in the studio. His decades of workmanship resulted in numerous connections, but I would suggest much of his success is due to his generous spirit.

The Swansons have made a commitment to once a month offering up world-class talent in a nightclub atmosphere that you won't find just anywhere. Their first half dozen shows have been stellar, and the lineup going forward looks to be equally thrilling.

Event schedule and tickets here.

* * * *
Debbie Duncan, heart and soul on the line every night.

If this comes across like a bit of a puff piece, that's because it is. What Glenn and Emily have done is noteworthy, and I personally get inspired when I see people dream big and go after it. That's really what's going on here.

Abe Lincoln once said, "The best way to predict the future is to create it." That's what has been happening here. They're making something special and we're all beneficiaries.

For more, read the Oldenburg House backstory in The Reader.

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