Saturday, January 13, 2018

Local Art Seen: Rauschenfels' "His & Hers" in the Zeitgeist Atrium

"Anchored Dinghies" -- Tom Rauschenfels
"Spruce Swamp Sunset" -- Sue Rauschenfels
"Fall In Love" -- SR
The full title of the show is "His and Hers -- New Year, Old and New Work." You will want to be sure to check it out sometime in January. Tom and Sue Rauschenfels have put something together that is worth your while. An even better suggestion would be to make the Gary Oldman film Darkest Hour your destination at the Zinema, and be sure to linger in the Atrium for a spell before our after the show.

It's worth noting that Tom and Sue are not husband and wife. Sue is married to Tom's brother, so we have a pair of in-law artists here, Tom a printmaker -- linocut and woodcut reliefs -- and Sue a maker of images in various media. Both reflect the Northland in much of their work, featuring birch trees, walleye, fishing boats, biking by the lake, and the like. The work is intricate and elegant, straightforward and skilled.

You can read their artist statements and bios here.
"Intimate Kiss" -- TR
"Pearl" -- SR
"Walleye" -- TR
"Poppies" -- SR
"Poppies" (detail) -- SR
"Boat Basin" TR
"Moon Struck" -- SR
"Hulls on Calm Seas" -- TR
 This show will be on display through January 31.

Meantime, art goes on all around you. Engage it.

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