Thursday, January 25, 2018

Local Arts Happenings: This Month @ Lakeside, Tonight @ the Depot and Waking Dream @ the Prove

"The Cutest Little Berry" by Michelle Wegler
While in Lakeside the other day I took a few minutes to visit the Lakeside Gallery, which features a variety of works by local artists. Here are a few excerpts of what I saw. Owner Aaron Kloss has done a nice job of creating a friendly space, with direct access to the coffee shoppe next door, which is also staffed by friendly people. And there's always a place to park.

The arts district downtown has been an exciting development with but one drawback. Parking is not always convenient, though compared to big cities it's still a breeze. (As any New York regular knows, it's best if you can leave you car at home.)

Sue Rauschenfels has work her. Her show with Tom Tauschenfels is
still on display for a few more days in the Zeitgeist Atrium.
Watercolorist Rosemary Gottormsson is the featured artist this month. Rosemary returned from a trip abroad with a bundle of new watercolors in her luggage. Makes a person wonder, "Why bring a camera when you can bring an artist?" Interesting scenes from Old Europe, captured the old fashioned way.
Don't wait till next Xmas to check out these gift ideas.

at the Depot.
See what Duluth Art Institute members 
have been up to this past year.

And tomorrow evening is the opening reception 
for St. Paul artist Jane Wunrow's "Waking Dream." 
Meantime, art goes on all around you. Get into it.
And if you see me, say hello. 

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