Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Almost Wordless Wednesday: Portraits of Courage -- Paintings by George W Bush

When I first learned of President George W. Bush's interest in painting I knew I would like to see what he was producing. His book Portraits of Courage is now in our local library and when I saw it this past week I borrowed it.

Being a president has to be one of America's most challenging occupations, and I will quickly admit I've no interest in aspiring to such a level of responsibility. For some people being an artist is no less daunting. Here are a few of the paintings from this book.

“Accompanying the portraits are stories, also written by Bush, about how each subject dealt with setback and then mounted a recovery. The paths are anything but straightforward, and Bush's book, in words and pictures, is a challenge and a road map for anyone who faces difficulty.” -TIME

It's a 21st century Profiles In Courage taken to a new level.

"So inspirational to read the stories of our warriors. Couldn't read more than a couple without stopping to catch my breath. I admire them so much. Quotes like this offer great life lessons too. 'We all have battles to conquer in life, and that's how we are judged: by how we pick ourselves up and move forward.' By Lance Corporal Timothy John Lang. Knowing the proceeds of the book are going to help them makes it even more special.
-- Laura C. Sanders

As one who finds painting faces to be continuously fascinating (scroll through my Many Faces of Ennyman blog)

The former president's book is available here on

Meantime, art goes on all around you. Engage it.

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