Monday, February 3, 2020

Local Art Seen: Mary Plaster's Illuminated Menagerie

On Saturday afternoon Richie Townsend provided the atmosphere (electric guitar, reverb) and Zeitgeist Cafe the refreshments for the opening of Mary Plaster's new show in the Zeitgeist Atrium titled Illuminations.

The entire space is filled with critters and creatures, both winged and four-footed, created using a process akin to the skins stretched around the ribbing of old-time biplanes, each illuminated by lights within. The skins here are translucent, stretchy plastic, like the kind shippers use to wrap pallets from shipping books, boxes and other products.

Do not you attempt to needle her for using yet more plastic that will end up in landfills, because 100 per cent of what you see here is recycled waste. New life created from resurrected materials.

The animals themselves have a story as well. Ms. Plaster, who lives on Stewart Creek on Spirit Mountain, said that every animal displayed has been seen or heard on her property. Bat, bear, owl, lynx, coyotes howling in the distance, and more.

Where to see it: Zeitgeist Atrium, through the end of February.

Richie Townsend (L) with friends.
* * * *
Mary Plster (L) with artist Ron Benson
* * * *

REMINDER: Duluth Art Institute Member Show Opening Reception is this coming Thursday, February 6. Will we see you there?

PostScript: My comments on last night's Super Bowl will be shared on Medium. Congrats to Andy Reid and the Chiefs.

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