Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Two More Reasons to Visit Duluth Coffee: Roostertail Ink and Blind Spot Creatives

The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in Duluth. Evidence abounds. In addition to the emergence of craft breweries, we've also seen the blossoming of our coffee businesses.

At one time, ARCO (The Andresen-Ryan Coffee Company) was the cat's meow, possibly the first to take advantage of our inland port to transport coffee beans from those Southern climbs where coffee grows best. Founded in 1916, the company was forced to relocate when Interstate Highway 35 carved a channel through downtown Duluth. Relocated to Superior, ARCO continues to import the beans, now owned by a third generation Andresen.

As for places to enjoy a brief space of time with your favorite grog, here's a nice list of flavorful Twin Ports java joints where you can catch a caffeine fix, or simply find a break from a hectic day.

Christopher Dunn. Roostertail Ink.
This blog post, however, is not about coffee today. It's about art currently on display at at Duluth Coffee Company at 105 East Superior Street. In the main part of the bistro you will see some new work by Christopher Dunn (not to be confused with Dunn Bros. on London Road.) I have seriously enjoyed watching him develop under the moniker Rooster Tail Ink.

Dunn's ink on paper brushwork has becoming increasingly layered. His style is reality-based impressionism with a flare that makes the common uncommonly vibrant. If I remember correctly his early work was more black and white. The pieces on display this month at Duluth Coffee Company feature shades of gray and other flourishes. If you're downtown you should drop in.

AND IF YOU DO, make sure you step out through the back and check out the photography of Duluthian Alyssa Johnson. Ms. Johnson returned to the Twin Ports in 2018 and shared her work in a number of venues since.

An ARAC Artist Access Grant has enabled her to curate an online portfolio of her work at

Through the end of this month Duluth Coffee Company has over 50 of Alyssa's photos on display, both in framed and mounted metal formats. This is Johnson's biggest photography installation to date.  (You may have seen some of her work at Wussow's, Red Herring, Blacklist Brewing, or the Red Mug.) The Opening Reception took place on January 9th. Affordably priced, all photographs are framed/mounted and marked at $20+; making her art accessible for all budgets.

About Alyssa: As a Marketing & Finance UMD alumni, Alyssa has found her fit as the Outreach & Marketing Coordinator for the St. Louis River Alliance. In addition, she's been a Duluth Farmers Market Volunteer, yoga teacher at It Takes a Village Healing Collective, substitute teacher at Proctor Public Schools, guest teacher with ARE Youth Poets and is actively involved in the music and art scene of Duluth.

If you like what you see you can reach find Alyssa Johnson and Christopher Dunn through the following web links.

Alyssa Johnson
Official Website: 

Christopher Dunn
Blog story: All Dunn @ Red Mug

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