Sunday, February 2, 2020

Local Art Seen: Sam Zimmerman in the AICHO Gift Shop

Friday evening, the American Indian Community Housing Organization (AICHO) hosted its very first art opening inside the renovated Gift Shop. The evening had many of its usual components. A strong supportive local community, treats, Native music (by Landon Manitowabi of the Red Lake tribe), and lots of color. Artist Sam Zimmerman sat in front of a small easel working on a painting while talking with guests, energized and energizing.

The event was meaningful on many levels. The title of the show explained the heart of it. The Journey Home, Chapter 2.

"Bird Clan - Totem" -- Acrylic, Ink
"Nimi At Hollow Rock" -- Acrylic, Ink, Silver Leafing
Ziimmerman, a Native artist who hails from Grand Portage, had gone to art school out East, took up residence in Brooklyn, employed as an educator for kids with disabilities. Three times a year during his two decades in New York he would refresh his energy by returning home for moose hunts and other outdoor activities that nourished him in deeply meaningful ways.

During his artist talk he also shared how much the beauty of Alaska inspired him. He's currently living here in Duluth and teaching at Harbor City.

* * * *
The West wall of the gallery space was filled with recent paintings by Zimmerman who has been quite prolific since his return from the Big Apple. What follows are a variety of paintings by a number of people familiar to us here, as well as examples of smaller items you can find in the AICHO Gift Show. Many of the items are affordable giclee reproductions, courtesy CPL Imaging.
Jonathan Thunder
Hover Board Designs by Jonathan Thunder
Leah Yellowbird Refrigerator Magnets Like You'll Not Find Anywhere
Detail from "Rollin' in the Deep" -- Leah Yellowbird
* * * *
Photo of more paintings by Sam Zimmerman. Some goofball got in the way,
so you'll have to go check them out in person.
* * * *
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