Thursday, May 12, 2022

A Letter from George to Bob and Thoughts About a Lost Era

This is one of the 100,000 items archived at the new Bob Dylan Center, a note to Bob from George Harrison. After Dylan began recording in Nashville, numerous other artists were drawn to Music City to record. 

Photo by Gary Firstenberg

The thought I had as I saw this handwritten note from George to Bob was that with the advent of email we're losing something. I'm not sure exactly how to define it. Some might even say email is good because there's no waste paper to dispose of, fewer trees to cut down for paper, etc.

I don't know what to think. I read a thoughtful handwritten note of appreciation and it conveys warmth beyond the message. Maybe I'm more sentimental than some people but I keep these notes. The kindness and encouragement continues to give me a lift even when I read them years later. I have no such system for saving emails.

One of the displays at the Bob Dylan Center shows a mailbag of unopened fan mail. It's probably the downside of being a superstar. 

Here are some more photos sent from Tulsa, courtesy Nelson French. There were quite a few folks from the Northland in attendance this week.  

Writer/musician Jeff Slate with Gene Lafond 
Carolyn Sundquist, Mitch Blank, Susan Phillips, Mary Ostman,
Gene Lafond and 
Nelson French. (Photo courtesy Nelson French)

Dick Cohn of St. Paul speaks with Mitch Blank.

Nelson captures a front row seat. Pleased as punch to be there.

Hibbing, the heart of the Iron Range.
Patrick Eliason on the harp with Gene Lafond making melody.

Pat Eliason serves as M.C. for the Singer/Songwriter Contest at our annual Duluth Dylan Fest. The competition features musicians performing a Dylan song and a composition of their own. For many it is a highlight event for the weeklong celebration. You can find a full schedule of events here:

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