Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Nevada Bob Gordon's 50 Years with the Wrong Woman Is Now Available

“I don’t mind dying. I was more afraid of not living.”

Every once in a while you meet someone whose life stories are so unusual that they ought to be a book. Robert Gordon, whom we call Nevada Bob, just happens to be one of those people. This weekend his book has been released on Amazon.com and IngramSpark for worldwide distribution.

I think half the success of television is due to the manner in which it gives people a chance to get an inside look at lives different from their own. Hence the popularity of programs like Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. Magazines and books provide similar glimpses of places most of us will never go and the private spaces of people whom we'll never meet.

When I read the manuscript for 50 Years with the Wrong Woman, I couldn't believe how different this man's life experiences were from anything I'd known. (And I've had some book-worthy experiences myself.) This was one tough hombre. But he had a hilarious side, too. I mean, for Nevada Bob, life wasn't about being cool, or rich, but having fun. 

If you come away with anything, Bob is a storyteller. He's lived a life with such a variety of adventures, from Seattle beat cop in the Sixties to cancer survivor, gold assayer, cattle rancher and even a Nashville recording artist as a singer/songwriter. 

Nevada Bob and I. Photo G. Firstenberg.
What I really want to convey here, though, is that Bob Gordon is a character. When he visited Duluth with our mutual friend, photographer Gary Firstenberg, I gave them the Bob Dylan Places of Interest Tour. Everywhere we went we met people who found him engaging, uplifting and enjoyable to be around. 

I think that's what I liked about the book. Readers will engage this self-same Bob Gordon in his book. He's down to earth and over-the-top at the same time. He's a man with many friends, and all of them are eager to read his memoirs and reflect on his memories. And as the saying goes, "It's all true." He doesn't need to embellish things to keep them interesting. 

The book contains many life lessons as well, not the least of which is the value of resilience. There were so many places where Bob, his life having been derailed, could have given up. Instead, he chose to persevere, motivated by the woman he so loved.

50 Years with the Wrong Woman: The Life of Nevada Bob: Adventures with Family, Friends and Foes        TO PURCHASE CLICK HERE

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