Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Opening of the Bob Dylan Center: Another Day, Another Ribbon Cutting

Tulsa, OK        START DATE    5/10/2022   
                    END DATE     5/10/2022

Official Opening, May 10, 2022
The Bob Dylan Center® offers unprecedented access to the creative life of one of America’s most important and influential artists. Opening ceremony photos courtesy Gary Firstenberg.

Dylan archivist Bill Pagel.

Sustenance Tulsa Music School students...
...playing Blowing in the Wind.

Jared Tyler
Nelson French... grew up in Hibbing. His brother once owned 
the house Bobby Zimmerman grew up in.
Artist in residence Joy Harjo.
G.T. Bynum, the honorable mayor of Tulsa.
Steve Jenkins, Director of the Bob Dylan Center.

Ken Levitt, Executive Director, the George Kaiser Family Foundation.
While the song Lovesick plays on the loudspeakers.

Oh happy day!
This one is indeed gold!
Bob's notebook while writing songs for Blood on the Tracks

Duluth Dylan Fest team member Laura Whitney sent this summary of today's event:
The opening was marked by the Dylan Center Director, the Mayor and poet laureate Harjo, a youth orchestra playing “Blowing in the Wind” and a version of “I Shall be Released” sung in Cherokee. The idea was further collaboration and creativity with respect for all peoples and to make Tulsa a vibrant arts center with substantial support from the George Kaiser Family Foundation. 

The exhibit itself is a combination of a film compilation overview of Dylan’s career moving next into photo, video and object displays that are auditorial interactive with music and interviews that cover different eras. These include his years in Hibbing with Leroy Hoikkala’s reminiscence of The Golden Chords, one of Robert Zimmerman’s first bands. The Duluth Armory connection with Buddy Holly was referenced in his speech for Grammy Award for Album Year Time Out of Mind. Handwritten and typed versions of various songs including "Like a Rolling Stone", "Tangled up In Blue", and "The Man in Me" among ohers.

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About the Bob Dylan Center
Designed by Olson Kundig, the Bob Dylan Center will house and exhibit more than 100,000 exclusive cultural treasures created and owned by Bob Dylan over seven decades. These include handwritten lyric manuscripts to some of the world’s most treasured songs, previously unreleased recordings, never-before-seen film performances, rare and unseen photographs, visual art and other priceless items spanning Dylan’s unparalleled career as one of the world’s most important cultural figures.

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