Sunday, May 8, 2022

New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival Winds Up Today

As anyone knows who has been there, New Orleans is a music town. While Duluth has been celebrating its Homegrown Music Fest this week, N'awlins has been hosting its own annual ritual, the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. Our intrepid photographer Gary Firstenberg (right) has returned yet again to enjoy this 10 day celebration that attracts thousands of musicians, artists and chefs, and 400,000 fans. Yes, it's like an annual Woodstock of sorts, with a broader variety of performers. 

I'm not going to write much here and will let the pictures tell the story. The festivals website is packed with information. Today's the last day, so it's too late to catch this wave. Visit to begin your plans for next year.

Next stop for Gary: The Bob Dylan Center, which opens to the public on May 10.  

The next Whitney Houston?
The next Scarlet Rivera?
Norah Jones

Bettye Lavette sings Blackbird.
Randy Newman
Pete Townsend
...and The Who.
Lucinda Williams
The Soprano.

Special thanks to Gary Firstenberg.
Visit "Turning Negatives Into Positives" to see more of his work.

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