Friday, June 3, 2022

A HARO Review -- Life Goes On As Normal

It's planting season in the Northland.
I can't recall exactly when I first heard about HARO, but it seemed like an interesting concept. HARO is an acronym for Help A Reporter Out. The objective is to connect authors and journalists with experts who can weigh in on topics the writers are researching and writing about.

The way it works is that three times a day--early morn, noon and late afternoon--HARO sends emails out to all participating experts with one sentence descriptions of what the reporters are looking for. If you're in the ballpark you can scroll down for more details, such as what media outlet they are writing for (often anonymous, sometimes a book), when the deadline is, a paragraph about what they are looking for, special requirements and contact info.

Years ago I signed up for the free service for the purpose of connecting writers with our in-house lubrication experts at AMSOIL. This past week I signed up to see what current topics writers are seeking help with and whether my experience and profound depth of expertise (TIC) would be of use to any of the writers using this service.

What struck me after reading a week of story requests is how much of what is being written about has no relationship to most of what I am concerned about right now. It's as if everything is just normal. Here are some examples.

1) "Must Have" Items to Create a Serene Outdoor Space!

2) The best facial dermabrasion tools for healthy, aging skin (women's health)

3) Commentary on the Chicago LGBTQ Scene & History

4) Reporter wants to interview those who moved to NYC from elsewhere in the last year

5) Cleaning experts needed for Cat Pee Odor

6) How slowing down can speed up your productivity

7) Help for parents who are anxious to send their kids to school after Uvalde shooting

8) Home improvement costs and selection of wood siding

9) What is a home sewage pump system and how does it work?

10) Types of household water pumps

It seems there are usually 20 to 25 requests in the morning mail, and from 50 to 70 or so in the evening. Topics run across the board, from dermatology, financial advice, wedding attire and road rage to deck maintenance tips, travel advice, pet topics and cybersecurity.

Based on what I have been seeing this week there doesn't seem to be a lot of concern about the escalation of the war in Ukraine, food shortages, inflation or Armageddon. It's pretty much going to be business as usual until it's not, I suppose.

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LEWagner said...

You need to read serious sources like the Duluth News Tribune, to get the deeply researched truth on important matters. ;)

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