Sunday, June 12, 2022

Local Art Seen: Tara Austin Spreads Her Wings at the Joseph Nease Gallery

When Tara Lynn Austin returned to Duluth after capturing her Masters at the U of Wisconsin-Madison, I remember telling myself, "This is someone to pay attention to." Four years have passed and she continues to produce exceptional work that is almost berserk with detail.

Tara Austin's current exhibit, titled Boreal Ornament IV, is now featured at the Joseph Nease Gallery in downtown Duluth. After her first Boreal Ornament show at the DAI she shared how to produces the effects we see in here work. "Boreal Ornament is all paintings made on plexiglass or glass. I became interested in working on these transparent materials when I saw a painting by Barbara Rossi at the Milwaukee Art Museum in 2016." Her continued experimentation has generated some exceptionally complicated designs and dazzling effects.   

What follows is a portion of her work that is currently on display.

detail from octagon above
detail from another portion of same octagon

On June 25 Austin will be giving an artist talk. Contact Amanda or Joe at the gallery for details.

Joseph Nease Gallery is located at 23 West 1st Street, Downtown Duluth. Their current hours are Thursday through Saturday, noon to 4 pm, and by appointment. 

Contact info:

Phone: 218-481-7750

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